can’t. get. sick.

I spent all of Friday scanning slides and then slept funny last night and can’t turn my head properly.  Plus a headache.  I can feel it creeping in. Noooooooo……

I’m up to seven interviews!  Traveling to Washington, DC, next weekend, Long Island the next (via Philadelphia, I think), Portland and Berkeley the next.  It’s expensive, and I can think of more relaxing things to do with my “vacation” time, but maybe not more exciting things.  It’s actually kind of fun, and filled with possibility.  To a significant degree, what happens next could change the entire course of my life — the people I meet, the path I take, the places I get to know.  I still haven’t heard from two of my schools, but according to the addictive website of hopeful psychologist angst and obsession, neither has anyone else.  Sorry if all of this talk is boring you — I’ll have another few weeks of it, and then hopefully start hearing back with acceptances (!) and post about any deliberations and then get back to living my regular life.  Ha — whatever that is.

A song I’m really loving right now: Phantogram’s When I’m Small. Just bought the album (thanks, brother, for the gift card).


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