God, I love Denver!!

(Denver Love Letter #10)

Written on the bathroom wall at the Hi-Dive, February 6, 2010.  Text below says, “Gasp! But you barely know Denver! Are you sure you’re ready to commit?  Let’s just say it’s kind of a whore.”  Yep — pretty much everyone loves her, and she just gives that love right back.

Ahh, the Hi-Dive, where the writing on the bathroom wall is both lewd and grammatically correct.  The Hi-Dive seems like a really dank and dirty place, but really I think it’s just dark and a little dirty.  It’s home-for-a-night to tons and tons of great musicians.  It’s where you see bands before they’re really big enough for the Colfax venues.  There’s no backstage.  There are lots of hipsters.  Some of my favorite shows there have been: Bishop Allen, Blind Pilot, Laura Gibson, Bela Karoli, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Neva Dinova…  I know there have been lots more.  And I know that I’ve missed many more than I’ve seen.


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One response to “God, I love Denver!!

  1. Hannah

    That’s really funny. I wish I felt comfortable writing things like that on walls. Maybe when I was 17.

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