Udi’s Sandwich Fallout

So…  Sometimes I think maybe I’m not so sensitive to gluten and I get daring.  I eat the crackers with my Wendy’s chili (my comfort food of choice when I’m feeling too thrifty for Village Inn).  When Whole Foods has their flour tortilla chips out, I eat one.  Maybe I have some naan.  I have piece of cake or a cookie.  I might have a beer.  And it’s usually more or less fine.

Oh, and then sometimes it’s not and I get a stupid infection that no normal adult gets — thrush, conjunctivitis…  Strangely these (along with other infections) can be symptoms of gluten intolerance, mainly because gluten weakens my immune system.  Stupid gluten.  Stupid, stupid gluten.

So on Thursday I had interview #2 (which was totally freaking awesome, omg, I want need them to pick me to come to their school!), and they served lunch — the option was fresh bagels, and I opted not to eat.  And then I rushed back to the hotel (rushing = 1 1/2 hours on the subway) and rushed to the airport and flew away…

While on the runway, I realized that I had only eaten a banana, coffee, and a Lärabar that day.  I was ravenous, but my nervousness about interviewing/traveling had masked it until that point.  So I did the only appropriate thing to do: I purchased the Udi’s sandwich.

(Denver Love Letter #9)

It was amazing.  I thought to myself: this needs to be a new ritual, having a gluten- and dairy-laden Udi’s sandwich on every Frontier flight I’m ever on.  Cranberry walnut bread, turkey, brie, apple, honey mustard, lettuce.  Mmmmmmm….  sandwiches….  how good it is to have you back in my life, how I’ve missed you.  Ezekial bread is just not the same.  For the few minutes it took to scarf the sandwich down, I was a normal person.  The people to my left and right had no idea I had any dietary restrictions.  Maybe I don’t have dietary restrictions, I thought, because omg, this is so. so. so. good. and I should have one not only on flights, but maybe once a week.  Udi’s, my next Denver Love Letter is to you, I thought…

The reliable gluten/dairy aftermath took place yesterday morning — not comfortable, but no big deal.  It was totally worth that Udi’s sandwich.  Last night, however, my eye started to itch.  And then water excessively.  And this morning I’m pretty sure I have pink eye, which is probably not wholly attributable to my seven minutes of mid-air Udi’s bliss, but I’m fairly certain it was a significant factor.  FML (well, that part of it — the rest of it is quite, quite good).

Oh, and it should be noted that the lovely and local Udi’s makes gluten- and dairy-free bread which is very tasty, but Frontier does not use it on their sandwiches.



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3 responses to “Udi’s Sandwich Fallout

  1. HCSQ

    This post is oddly appropriate for today. I actually got some Wendy’s chile and a baked potato today. Pele was ultra tired and cranky and I feared our original plan which was to pick out a healthier snack for her at Whole Foods. We ended up getting her mandarin oranges and chicken nuggets. I have no idea if she’s gluten-intolerant but she loves oranges and chicken nuggets so on occasion we get them for her despite not buying gluten when we get groceries. I was hungry so I had the chile. It was oddly watery but still pretty god.

    Laugh. That is my favorite Udi’s sandwich. They no longer have it at the Vitamin Cottage here. Yes the Udi’s bread is very good! Too bad it’s so expensive. They also have the Udi’s GF bakery there in Denver which I haven’t been to but I’ve heard rave reviews for it. Have you been there?

    I also indulge in gluten on occasion and I think in moderation it is OK but it depends…I think dairy bothers me more than gluten, but I’m not sure. It seems to run in the family, the dairy thing.

    Then again, as you said, gluten can be insidious and you may not even realize it’s compromising your immune system, etc. Especially if you already felt like crap like I have lately. Hehee…

    O.K. Sorry this post is too long. I’m eating some mediocre gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They’re weird…I have been avoiding cookies/chips/bread/etc for me and Pele both but occasionally I just can’t stand it and have to get some. Pamela’s are better…

  2. HCSQ

    Oh and I meant to write ‘chili’ not chile. I get confused with my Tex-Mex roots and whatnot sometimes.

  3. HCSQ

    lol…I also said the chili was ‘pretty god’…

    Oh my gosh I am so delirious I am laughing at myself. I am such a fool! 🙂


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