Frenetic Energy

Running on adrenaline, blood is pumping through my veins, I’m alert and ready and a little shaky and nervous…  First interview down, five to go (five!!), and three schools I still haven’t heard from (this week or next, I suspect).  I am hemorrhaging money.  Left and right.  But it’s fun, and it’s good, and I’ll be able to make an informed decision in the end (hoping I’ll be accepted at some/all of these programs and have a decision to make!).  Plane reading: Birds of America by Lorrie Moore (enjoyed it, but what’s all the hype about, really?), and Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann (lovely, lovely book — will probably finish tomorrow or Thursday).

Did you know you can change flights on Southwest without paying a ridiculous fee?  Loving them more and more…

Tomorrow:  New York City — specifically the Bronx (which I’m reading all about in Let the Great World Spin, and getting a little worried — will there be needles in the stairwells?  Hope not).  Either way I’ll be there for less than 24 hours (I wish I had more vacation to make better trips of these, but alas — more interviews means less leisure time).  Happy thoughts appreciated!  Thanks for the comments of late, too!



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3 responses to “Frenetic Energy

  1. Happy thoughts sent your way! Any chance you’ll be in Denver on March 5th?

  2. Thanks, Maria! Unfortunately I’ll miss you guys on March 5th (assuming you’re coming down). It looks like I’ll be in Portland that day for another interview…

    Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh — I still have not sent Cordelia’s gift. I am terrible at actually ever mailing things, but do it eventually. Hopefully it still fits. 🙂 Hope you’re well!

  3. HCSQ

    I’m glad things are starting to get exciting. I hope it all goes smoothly or at least enjoyably+bumpily.

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