That’s what Christopher types when he’s mad or excited.  Oh, typed communication, how I adore you…

I’m excited.  Interview invitation #4 came with one week’s notice, but I found a cheap(ish) flight, and I’m going…  So I’ll be flying to San Francisco and New York next week.  I’m pretty sure I won’t get fired, but I might work over the weekend just in case.  (Ha, not really about the firing bit — it’s just not an optimal use of vacation, and there’s a sh*tload of stuff to get done right now, and there’s an on-campus conference tomorrow, so going in on Saturday just feels appropriate).  I’m stressed and guilty about leaving work.  I know way more than I ever wanted to know about classroom technology, and I’ve made myself essential on that alone, I think.  They think I have the magic touch — it’s not magic, it’s just a few years of experience with our overly-complicated, quirky, temperamental classroom setup.  But anyway…  They will get by.

The other night I saw Le Divorce.  The Hi-Dive bouncer (I guess?) stamped me with this ridiculously and unnecessarily large martini-shaped stamp, and it would not wash off for anything, so I went to work yesterday (and still today despite multiple washings) with this stupid thing on the inside of my wrist.  I met and tried to woo a potential practicum student with it, and felt like a bit of an ass, and met with faculty and felt more like an ass, and explained that it’s my librarian friend’s band, etc., etc.  And then at lunch I told a couple of friends about it, and this guy at a table diagonal from us interrupted to show his matching un-wash-off-able stamp.  It was a real moment.


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  1. Kurtonic the guy from the other table…pricelss, can’t tell you how many times I have woken up to the multi-colored rainbow dream of stamp land!

    it could be worse…like gigantic X hands….no one is a fan of that!

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