(Denver Love Letter #6)

Oh, sad day, everyone!!  One of the hands-down best stores in the metro area is closing its doors at the end of this month.  I just found out on Friday and stopped by today — they’re having a pretty significant sale, but it’s so sad to see it emptying…  I do kind of want some earrings…  Maybe another week when I’m not buying a suit.

So.  Composition.  It was this lovely, lovely design store on 15th Street when I first went in, with a lovely, lovely dog.  It had funky jewelry, a small selection of home decor and furnishings, and pretty laptop bags I couldn’t dream of affording (and, honestly, at that point my ca. 1999 brick-like laptop didn’t hold a charge, made funny noises, and some of the keys didn’t work, so I wasn’t exactly taking it anywhere with me anyway).  I was doing freelance research, dreaming of making a career out of it so that I could afford as many Moleskine notebooks as my heart desired.  Oh, and also health insurance.

Fast forward a couple of years: Composition moved out to Belmar, riding on the wings of The Lab, I suspect.  It was still a kick-ass funky store and carried things I fawned over.  Things I saw on design blogs.  I eventually got an income and occasionally bought things there: jewelry for my sister, a couple of purses, a laptop bag, Moleskine notebooks.  Their stationery section was gorgeous, and they understood the value of graph paper.  Their jewelry section shrank last year, and their selection of design books increased.  They had a couple of curated shows.   And now they’re closing, along with The Lab, which joined forces with the MCA last year, a handful of other Belmar stores.

I’m fine with J.Jill closing.  I’m fine with the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store closing.  I wish that Victoria’s Secret would close its doors and stop emanating scent, soft porn, and bad bras into malls everywhere.  But Composition?  This makes me pretty sad.  I hope that the owner and the staff have fabulous things lined up for themselves.  I loved having a store like that in Denver (well, and Lakewood), and I wish them all the very best.

PS: if you do make it over there, the discounts are deep, and the remaining stuff is still very, very much desirable!


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  1. Oh no! I always liked this store. I’ll definitely need to check out the sale.

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