The Garage

(Denver Love Letter #5)

It’s a garage!  No, it’s a bar!  But it kind of still feels like a garage.  I thought I had been here before last night — and maybe I had once — but I think I had actually only ever been to Cap City Tavern.  So there you go: a new place.  Nestled in the strangely empty Golden Triangle area, the Bannock Street Garage is not fancy, and I have to say I appreciate that.  It’s cheap, it’s low-key.  If you order wine there you will probably get something vinegary that has been open for several months, so stick to hard liquor or beer.  But really, the best part of this whole place is this little ring toss game it has which is no more (and no less) than a metal ring tied to a string that hangs from the ceiling.  You stand about 15 feet away from this hook that’s screwed into the wall and try to get the ring on the hook.  It’s a very Zen experience that brings out the best in some people (like Paul, who on his birthday gave free ring-swinging lessons and seemed almost fatherly in doing so) and the worst in others (like some guy I hadn’t met before who just got madder and madder and worse and worse as he tried to win this quiet game).



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2 responses to “The Garage

  1. michael a d

    Denver is awesome.

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