City, O’ City — An Ode, A Lament

(Denver Love Letter #4)

What a wonderful idea for a place.  Housed in what used to be Watercourse Foods, this coffee shop / bar / bakery / restaurant has become one of my absolute favorite spots in Denver.  City, O’ City is the perfect combination of quiet-on-a-Sunday-morning and lively-every-night.  The food, all vegetarian, is delicious, and there are several gluten-free options (hooray!).  The bakery next door, which serves Watercourse and City, O’ City makes positively delicious gluten-free, dairy-free goods.  One of my favorite things in the world is to go there on Sunday mornings, book in hand, and read/people-watch as I drink my coffee or tea and eat my muffin.  At night I splurge occasionally, and have a pizza with gluten-free crust (and dairy-laden cheese, I admit), paired with a gluten-free beer that is so cool it’s not even on the menu.

This morning there was a quote on the chalkboard above the bar from the December 29, 1974 issue of the Denver Post (I took a picture, but damn, I’m a terrible photographer):

Jack Kerouac is accused of writing about people going nowhere… But the were always going to Denver, and that is a definite destination indeed.

Things like that, combined with the music (which is always good), the people-watching, the plentiful bearded hipster-men, and the ever-changing art displays, are what make me love, love, love this place from the bottom of my heart.  And, consequently, this city.



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3 responses to “City, O’ City — An Ode, A Lament

  1. Oh no…Watercourse is gone?! I used to walk there after class at the Art Institute (crappy-ish school, glad I transferred to RMCAD). The replacement sounds neat. I should go there sometime with you before you leave. Or if you don’t leave…


  2. Oh, no — Watercoruse just moved to a bigger, sunnier spot on 17th and Emerson (ish?). All of the places (Watercourse, City, O’ City, and the bakery) are owned by the same people.

  3. smnd

    Love it. You are my new Denver-guide!

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