Ugh, Facebook

This whole “post-the-color-of-your-bra-in-the-name-of-breast-cancer-awareness” thing on Facebook is really bothering me.  I think it a.) sexualizes a nasty disease, b.) draws more attention to breasts than breast cancer, c.) is tacky, and d.) is primarily done as a means for women to generate attention from men.  Enough already.



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3 responses to “Ugh, Facebook

  1. jfochek

    I’m disturbed as well. It seems more salacious than about genuine concern for breast cancer awareness, and talk about TMI. Ugh.

  2. cbrunks

    Completely agree. I read one today that said “none” with a smiley face. I wanted to puke all over my laptop. How about these bra girls volunteer at a hospital, or donate time and/or funds to cancer research. Just a thought.

  3. Lacey

    THANK YOU I was so wondering why the heck everyone was naming just colors on their facebook thingys. Well now I know why thanks Leslie, I am glad I am in the loop! For a second I really thought I was completely out of it. Hey by the way if you need a shopping buddy just call!

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