9th Door

(Denver Love Letter #3)

This restaurant should name itself “datiles y mijitas,” because that’s really what it’s all about.  Oh My God, You Guys, I Love The 9th Door.

And as of December 30, 2009, I’m an official VIP there.  I’m not really sure what that means, other than I got a coupon for $20 for filling out a form.  I’ll take it.  I wonder if they keep track, or if maybe I can use it more than once…

“What are datiles?” you might ask.  Dates filled with almonds and drunken goat cheese, wrapped in serrano ham, and then crispified.  In other words, heaven in two crunchy-creamy-sweet-salty bites.  Heaven. “And,” you might ask, “mijitas?”  Basically, you add crushed watermelon to a mojito.  Not enough to woo you?  How about flamenco guitar twice a week? (*Does it make me old that these are the selling points and not the DJ or bottle service later in the evening?  I don’t think so — I never was one for either of those.  I’m not old enough to need a flashlight to read the menu, at least).

The other food and drink is really good, too — my game plan if I’m going for dinner: share little bits of everything, and include a carb-y dish for the sake of filling up, either the calabacitas or the patatas bravas.  Also, happy hour is until 6:30 Monday through Friday.  Even Jason Sheehan (of former Denver, soon-t0-be Seattle fame) said it’s “… a sexy flood of booze and tapas.”  Which it is.

I need to start carrying my camera around so I can post pictures of food and/or atmosphere.  That’s a whole ‘nother resolution, though.



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4 responses to “9th Door

  1. jfochek

    You keep talking about how old you are… Should Christopher and I be offended? 😉

    One of Brian’s office gals recommended The 9th Door, and after your description, I’m not sure I can live without datiles. We’ll have to give it a try!

  2. I always wondered what that place was like.

  3. Lacey

    Please you are making my tummy jealous, please take me to all of these places PLEASE!!!

  4. Kurtonic

    I got my coupon since you know who isn’t here to receive her’s…..awesome idea!

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