Mercury Cafe

(Denver Love Letter #2)

Last night the Mercury Cafe was spot-on.  Despite having been there several times, I had never been upstairs — what a mistake!  It’s a gorgeous little venue with seats (nice for old people like I’m becoming!), a rose on every table, and all lit up with red lights.  The music was good (sorry, though, Dovekins — I missed you again).  They had what I think was an intermission band, and kids showing off their swing dance skills.  It’s a place that makes a lot of people’s hearts sing — you can just sort of tell.

I hadn’t really been there much since the way most poets read their work started to drive me up the walls (they’re known for their open mic nights and poetry slams).  Also, I feel like I should like the food at the Mercury.  I like the idea of the food at the Mercury (organic, etc.) but for some reason it has always seemed a little bland.  Looking at their menu tonight, though, I think I either need to try harder or stick to their drinks, which are mostly local (and OMG — they have pear brandy!)

Last time I was there was on a sort of foreshadowing-of-the-end date, where something hit me and I got intensely sad, right in the middle of dinner, and it was completely transparent on my face.  The time before that, I think, was an awkward “you-should-meet-the-guy-I’m-dating” dinner filled with self-consciousness (mostly mine).  So: for me it’s kind of a sad/awkward-memory place, but that’s not really the fault of the Mercury — more what (and whom) I sometimes bring to it.  (Note: last night’s company was great).



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2 responses to “Mercury Cafe

  1. Sam

    Mercury cafe: musical launching pad. My band’s first out-of-the-living-room performances were at the Merc. I also saw Radiohead in the upstairs venue (A-MAZING) with David Gray as the opener (Uh, yeah. Unreal). I saw Goo Goo Dolls there (when they were still a punk band) and Bush (the band, not either President) and No Doubt. Each of those performers (with the notable exception of my band) all took off shortly after their performances at the Merc.

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