2010 Glasses

I saw people wearing these glasses last night (this picture is from Meaghan O. at Life is hard. Here is someone.), and I’m pretty sad that I didn’t have any.  They just wouldn’t be as fun on any other night.  I saw Paper Bird and These United States.  I missed the Dovekins (sorry, Dovekins, but I will catch you soon, and you were delightful to talk to).

I thought it would be fun to read old diaries yesterday, you know — see what I was thinking in 1995, 2000, etc.  I found nothing profound.  It seems I’ve grown up a lot.  Thank god.  I’m glad I’m not 13 anymore.  Or even 18.  Or even 23.

Oh, 2009, you were a pretty good year.  Themes for the year: reading, dating, applying to graduate school.  Oh, and sleeping — I’ve never slept so consistently well in my entire life.  Fantastic.

2010 goals…  There’s always the usual read more, write more, be healthier and a better person with more resolve (ha — that’s always a good one — resolve to have more resolve).  I might move away in 2010, if all goes well with applications (and I don’t choose the local school).  So I think my goal is to appreciate and make the very most where I am, wherever that is.  Meaning I’ll continue to adore my apartment and my neighborhood and all my favorite local haunts in a deliberate way.  It will be my mission to live in Denver in such a way that it couldn’t be done in any other city.  Let’s quantify it, for the sake of measurable results:  visit at least one new or favorite local place a week and write about it.  Ooh: and maybe take a picture (I never take enough pictures).  It will be like a love letter to this city I’ve called home for 10 1/2 years…  And if I move, I’ll finish out the year by exploring my new home with just as much zeal.


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