Signs You Might be a Serial Dater

You are on a date at an Indian restaurant in a suburban strip mall, and in walks someone you went on a few dates with last month and just sort of never called again.  Luckily he is also on a date (it seems), and you’ve straightened your hair for the first time in a year or something, so you’re sort of incognito and awkward interaction is avoided.  Suburban freaking strip mall.  Should have gone to the Country Buffet across the parking lot…

Last week you went out with someone who is applying to three of the same schools as you, to his friend’s concert.  You know the friend from library school.  And then two days later you meet another guy who also knows the friend from library school and lives above the venue you just visited, and was there the night you were, though a little later.

It is not such a small town.  But a small group of people frequent a small number of places, I think.


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