(Barrett, that’s for you)

My hometown cops are coming up as friend suggestions on Facebook.  Whaaaaatttt?

Speaking of cops, the other night as I was nodding off I was startled by flashing lights in my bedroom window…  This guy got a DUI right there.  They drove his car away and left the girl he was with standing in the cold for a long time (while they were dealing with paperwork in their cars) — longer than I stayed up for.  Bad news all around.  Everyone should be careful about this for so many reasons, but above all to keep yourself and people around you safe.  There’s a handy, printable BAC chart here, and if you’re fancier than I am, there’s this.  In Colorado, a DUI is 0.08% (as it is in every state), and “impairment” is 0.05%.  This site explains why gender matters (I had always wondered) and also points out that it is not “weight,” exactly, but percent body fat that makes a difference.  In case you wondered.


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  1. Yikes. Not the cops! Grats on getting some applications done!

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