Boys and Girls in America Have Such a Sad Time Together

Oh, wow.  If you’re a woman fed up with dating men, read THIS first, followed by THIS.  And if you’re a man fed up with dating women, read them in the opposite order.  You’ll get good and mad, and then feel a little better, or at least vindicated.  I’m sure I’ve embodied a handful of the items on the women-not-to-date list and dated about half of the men on the second…  I’m annoyed with dating at the moment, and kind of losing interest in it altogether, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt of the second link:

24. Avoid any guy who thinks that women who don’t get married end up with six cats and their meals delivered on wheels. He probably also thinks that men who don’t get married live like George Clooney.

PS/Pathetic Confession: I still haven’t read a Jack Kerouac book in its entirety, but I will get off my high feminist horse at some point and do it — I can’t dislike something if I haven’t fully tried it, right?  Right.  Also, Hemingway, but that might take a lot longer.


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