Disastrous Baking


So my friend Jenny is, to say the very least, incredible in the kitchen (as you’ll see if you check out her blog). About a year ago she made these cinnamon stars (with me, her gluten- and dairy-free friend, in mind!), and I’ve thought of them a lot since then…  This is what hers looked like:

Mine are not so pretty.  The dough was sticky, and since there’s not really any flour in it, I wasn’t sure how to fix it.  My star points were more acute, and they kept getting stuck if I even managed to get them off the wax paper (which: is wax paper the same as parchment?).  So I decided to make little balls of cookie stickiness instead, and then put thumbprints in each one to hold the icing.  I put them in the oven, and something began to smoke immediately.  Everything looked fine, so I just opened all the windows and hoped for the best.  They were a b*%@# to get off the wax paper (maybe because wax ≠ parchment?), and this is what my cinnamon stars look like:

Even if I had Photoshop on my computer at home to play with the levels and/or photographed them in daylight instead of yellow kitchen light, they wouldn’t be remotely pretty.  They don’t taste as good as Jenny’s, either, but I’m finding them to be quite edible nonetheless.  I think I need a lesson.



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9 responses to “Disastrous Baking

  1. Looks yummy to me, but yes…I think the wax paper is the problem. Wax paper will melt (the wax in it) which would cause it to smoke. Parchment won’t. I never seem to have any parchment around. And my cookies are always misshapen. 😀

  2. jfochek

    You are too kind. 🙂

    Hannah’s right about wax vs. parchment, and egg white-based recipes can be a bit tricky. I would love, love, love to have a baking date with you… When would you like to come on down to The Ranch?

  3. Maybe get a Silpat? I should get one of those. Of course I’ve been trying not to bake, but I know I’ll definitely give in to the temptation sometime around the holidays. I made some gluten-free sugar cookies last Christmas that turned out surprisingly well. Of course I don’t remember what recipe I used, but there are lots of great gluten-free blogs out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

  4. I found a pretty comprehensive gluten-free cookie list over at Ginger Lemon Girl’s page if you’re interested:


  5. Wax paper should not even exist!

    Jenny: I will call you soon about a baking date.

    Hannah: thanks for the link — those recipes will keep me busy for several lifetimes, considering my usual once-a-year baking schedule.

  6. Agree with the silpat mats. Silicone makes all the difference. And parchment paper > wax paper. Parchment is covered in silicone, not wax, so it doesn’t get weird wax stuff on your food and is less susceptible to moisture damage. Good luck with your holiday baking.

  7. Wax paper is great for storing cookie dough. I admit it is a bit weird. I’m sure it has many good uses but for some reason I can’t think of many of them at the moment. I found this semi amusing wax paper vs. parchment thread:


  8. I believe it is also excellent for making kazoos and playing the comb.

  9. oh, right. That.

    Comb-playing party, anyone? I’ll provide the cookies. They taste fine if you close your eyes.

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