Things I’m Not Keeping up With

  • Google Reader (1000+ unread items)
  • The Wire (season 3, disks 4-6 have been renewed twice (which is the limit!))
  • Blockbuster account: closing it tonight; haven’t watched the single disk of Flight of the Conchords, which I believe arrived like 6 weeks ago
  • Dishes
  • eMusic (should I cancel this again?  It’s kind of stressful when I can’t keep up with the music I already have.  Plus I kind of love
  • Facebook (so if you made any big announcements I probably don’t know about them)
  • Podcasts
  • Reading the one periodical I subscribe to (Artforum).  Even looking at the gallery ads (which is really the only thing I ever hold myself to, anyway, when it comes to that journal).


  • New functioning windshield wiper, check
  • Oil change, check
  • Lots of other things very much in progress (namely grad school applications)

To my British transcripts: godspeed!


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