Plans and More Blog Appreciation

On the list for today:

  • Sale at my favorite Cherry Creek North store
  • Personal statement writing for grad school applications
  • Also: no freaking out about grad school applications and/or the cost of the programs.  It will all be okay/I can worry about it later
  • RAAP hotline shift
  • Cleaning
  • Making dinner for someone (given my lack of skill/confidence in the kitchen, it is ridiculous that I ever attempt to do this, but I think it will be okay).  Oh, and this is the plan.  Tried and true with Melissa in Portland.

First: More Love of Blogs…

Maybe it’s because I’m largely into art and information, maybe it’s geeky, or maybe it’s just human, but I think Information is Beautiful is great!  Author and visualizer David McCandless uses the blog to present his own infographics as well as other “infographic morsels” he finds.  Here’s a recent favorite:


Take that, news media!  I think what I love about these is that, while anyone can make a graph of pretty much anything he or she wants, graphs are usually made to support whatever viewpoint is in the article they accompany, glossing over or completely ignoring the bigger picture.  McCandless puts things in perspective, places things in their broader context, and tells us to stop freaking out about the freaking HPV vaccine and start focusing on our driving.  Or something like that.

He recently asked people to draw their souls and send them in (no diabolical intentions — note that these are merely representations of souls, not actual souls — soul surrogates, if you will).  I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of that project.  Here’s mine (it was a sad day, and I spilled coffee on it):


Okay.  Shop, Write, Clean, Cook.  Happy Saturday.


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