A Lady’s Charm

Allie Pohl

This woman is going to be famous.  Allie Pohl, who I know as a graduate student in DU’s eMAD MFA program (how’s that for acronyms?), has created these lovely lady charms.  She doesn’t have a name for them quite yet (and is taking suggestions) is calling them Ideal Woman Necklaces, but at work we’ve nicknamed them “crotch necklaces,” and they’re modeled after Barbie’s midsection.  Allie’s work examines femininity and the female “ideal” in a way that is at once beautiful and dripping with satire (check out her Ideal Woman series for a great example — porcelain figurines with strategically-grown chia sprouts).  Her jewelry line launches tonight at the grand opening of Illiterate,  82 S. Broadway, as part of the much-anticipated Where the Wild Things Art show:




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3 responses to “A Lady’s Charm

  1. You can post your reactions to Allie’s jewelry and engage in conversation about it on this site: http://idealwoman.wordpress.com/

  2. Hannah

    Nice necklace. Love the array of crotch colors. The shows sounds interesting. It makes me wish I still lived in downtown Denver, but then there are a lot of things I don’t miss about Denver. I know a lot of artist friends from RMCAD who frequently have shows in that area.

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