For the Love of Blogs

I was looking at my Google Reader trends this morning and discovered I subscribe to an almost embarrassing number of blogs — probably more than any rational person would ever care to keep up with.  But I love them so.  I’m grateful to technology for allowing me to keep up with people I might otherwise have lost touch with, keep a pulse on trends in art, design, music, literature, psychology, visual resources, educational technology, and library and information science, drool over recipes I’ll likely never use, and laugh sheepishly at low-brow humor.  The blogosphere makes me feel wonderfully enlightened (in some ways) and connected almost every single day.

I think in the past almost three years of this blog, I’ve started a few “series” that were short-lived (c’est la vie, right?).  It’s possible this will be another one, but my plan, as of this November 2, 2009, is to occasionally share blogs I’ve been particularly loving lately (or for a long time).

Without further ado…


Erie Basin is a blog that makes me want to have a lot of money and a hobby of spending it on antique jewelry.  I would wear long fur coats and heels and broaches and rings, and I would research provenance of everything and write short stories featuring each object.  The blog primarily features items from an antique store in Brooklyn by the same name, and, while I haven’t been there, it looks to be a very well curated collection of items — mostly jewelry, but also strange faux-taxidermy things and links to interesting stuff elsewhere in the world.  It’s like a little museum that is itself a gift shop.  Sigh.  Sigh.

ErieBasin Pretty chains



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2 responses to “For the Love of Blogs

  1. jfochek

    The first piece you included in this post looks remarkably similar to our sorority badges… Is this a deliberate inclusion, or perhaps a bit of subconscious Delta love shining through? 🙂

  2. I thought that, too! (for reference, click here)

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