A Saint for Everything

I catalog some weird stuff at work.  The other day I had a handful of slides of 18th century relics.  A relic, for those of you who have forgotten your art history, is thought to be an actual part of a saint or someone special and holy, or some kind of personal effect of such a figure.  They’re often housed in reliquaries — special cases made of special materials that are much, much prettier than the disintegrating object itself.  I don’t actually know much about all of this, but it seems that in the 18th century, people said to heck with the special cases — they just adorned the rotting bones.  The results are creepy and gross.  But I have a favorite…

Readers, meet Saint Munditia:

St Munditia

Not only is she breathtaking as she reclines in her glass-walled abode, but she is also the patron saint of single and unmarried women, which makes me love her more.  You can be her fan on Facebook if you’d like.  I love the Catholics.


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  1. Hannah

    I love this. I need to look up all the patron saints and find one appropriate for me…

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