Heck Yeah, Snow Day!

I think the snow days of adulthood are almost as good as the snow days of childhood.  I do sort of wish I had a full-body snowsuit and a “snow mountain” at the top of the cul-de-sac and siblings and neighborhood friends to build forts with and a little hill to sled down and mom waiting out the storm inside with hot chocolate, ready to go on demand.  I’m pretty content, though, with

  • a couple episodes of The Wire
  • Infinite Jest (maybe today is the day I will finish it once and for all!)
  • On Love
  • Amélie
  • a selection of hot beverages and a new coffeemaker
  • fixings for acorn squash deliciousness, rice cereal, and bastardized huevos rancheros
  • unlimited napping capabilities
  • the velour pants I stole from my sister (happy not-25th birthday, Jenny!  I love you!)
  • oh, and did I mention not having to dig out my car or deal with its ridiculous new windshield wiper trick, which is only momentarily funny and then cold, wet, and exhausting?
  • also: no work?

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