I Can be Catty

So I rejoined Facebook, right, because I was going to England and also because I thought there might be a 10-year high school reunion (there wasn’t), and it seems like it’s a good way to get in touch with people.  Now I’m happy that I’ve connected with a handful of people and get to “passively” keep up with their lives (this used to be known as stalking, but it’s different now).  As it turns out, Facebook has more value than I thought.  For example, I’m in touch with young cousins, know when people have their kids and get married and engaged, and even keep up with co-workers.  I was surprised that in a recent (boy) falling out “friend” status was (pettily) on the table as a reward or punishment (and “friends” we are no longer).  But really what I want to do is mock people on Facebook.  I want to copy and paste people’s status updates as my own, because I think it would be funny:

  • Leslie really wants to make a kitty litter cake, but is afraid people will be too disgusted (google it for images). I need your input! Coworkers…should I bring it for our in-service? [okay, so I like cats, but this takes it WAY too far]
  • Leslie is going scrapbook shopping today 🙂
  • Leslie Is feezing. [sic]
  • Leslie Gets 2 meet my honey in denver 2mro night with NO kids. Im SO excited!!
  • And anything having to do with sports.  Rockies, Broncos, whatever.

Of course I can’t do this because it’s mean, and my intention isn’t to be mean.  It’s not that I don’t like these “friends,” I just think their statuses would be hilarious coming from me…  It’s So Damn Tempting.  I’m a jerk sometimes.  I’m sorry.



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3 responses to “I Can be Catty

  1. Hannah

    It’s sort of refreshing to hear this. I get annoyed on Facebook. I find myself getting too emotionally involved in people’s Facebook friends. Friends of friends of friends. Not in a way that I really CARE what they are doing but I wonder, ‘WHY are they friends with that person? They are clearly extremely racist (or insert other trait)”

    But mostly I do like seeing picture of people’s yards and pumpkin carvings or whatever else they’re doing. Mostly people ignore me on Facebook and I have 4-6 people who post regularly on my page and vice versa.

    Lately I’ve been ignoring most of it. Good and bad.

    Anyway…thanks for the refreshingly honest catty post.


    p.s. I have stopped posting anything ‘interesting’ as a status message because people think lyrics or anything that isn’t extremely literal is some sort of cry for help or other emergency. Hehe…maybe they’re right.

    • At a conference a couple of weeks ago, one of the speakers suggested that Facebook and other online outlets (blogs — probably even this blog) are, for most people, more about creating an image or persona than about cultivating friendships or sharing one’s true self. I know it’s a hard thing for me to negotiate: how honest to be vs. the unknown reader. I guess what I’m suggesting is that we value those few, precious friendships outlets like these actually DO cultivate, and take all the rest with a grain of salt…

  2. You can always send a screenshot of the funny updates to Lamebook 🙂

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