I finally did it today. I cataloged the totem poles that have been sitting on my list for weeks.  It wasn’t even that hard once I got started.

That’s probably the most notable thing that happened.  Actually, I felt appreciated by faculty no fewer than three times today.  One brought me a Finnish chocolate hazelnut bar for helping him out (which is so sweet, especially given my gigantic crush on the nation of Finland, even though helping him is my job).  I showed another our new(ish) laser pointer tool (many thanks to Joseph for building it and saving me the trouble of chaining a laser pointer to the podium in each classroom).  And I’m working on making some images of a Virginia Woolf something-or-other (not manuscript, but maybe early printing?) readable for my undergraduate thesis advisor, and she’s being so very nice about it.

Oh, and my books came in today.

AND my friend Joanna was on York & North Yorkshire BBC, talking about science experiments you can do at home!  You can listen to the show here (just go to 3:13:25 to hear her), but it’s only available until October 27.


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