Wait, what did I write about yesterday?  Okay, so I still believe that it’s hard to know people.  But tonight I had an experience of connection.  This girl I went to college with, Cara, and I have been running into each other periodically over the last few years, and especially since spring.  So tonight we had a planned friend meet-up — dinner (Tommy’s Thai), and a show (Gossip and Men).  Fun!  I had never heard Men, but really enjoyed them. (I did some research on them when I got home, and the singer is from Le Tigre) (Kris, did you know this?!?!)  And Gossip.  Wow!  Beth Ditto is fantastic live — so energetic, funny, and with an amazing voice (even when she has a terrible cold and loses it occasionally).

Anyway, the point is that I have a new music friend, who happens to be someone I already knew.

On a side note, we decided that internet dating sites were a good place to serially date serial daters.


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  1. I saw MEN when they guested as Lipgloss a couple of years ago. Back then it was JD and Johanna of Le Tigre djing. Did they add another person? Is the group different now? I need to hear the details about the show!

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