If You Live Somewhere, You Have a Home

This post is perfectly timed for me, as a single girl who doesn’t want to feel like she’s in limbo, and who is happy when her rented apartment feels like a home.  Thanks, Molly.  Seriously, if I had a job opening for “sophisticated, fun older sister,” I would ask you to apply.  An excerpt from her blog:

…gift registries are not where kitchens are born and if I need a toaster or new mattress or if I want bright green towels despite the faded grey ones working just fine, I can buy a toaster or a mattress or bright green towels. There is no minimum occupancy for a home: if you live somewhere, you have a home. And you should be comfortable in it, whatever that means. If you live alone, you are just as entitled to steak knives as the newlyweds among us.



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3 responses to “If You Live Somewhere, You Have a Home

  1. HCSQ

    Very, very true.

  2. KK

    teared up just a little on this one. apparently hits close to home 😉

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