Le Plan

So yesterday I had my annual review, and I told my boss about my plans to go to graduate school again next year…  Maybe a little prematurely, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  It’s something I’m really excited about, and I was feeling like I couldn’t talk to anyone at work about it, or mention anything about it (or the application process or anything) on Facebook, and I even felt weird about mentioning it here because I really don’t know who reads this (even though I don’t advertise it on Facebook or elsewhere, really, partially because of this secret life-path dilemma I was having)…  So: it’s out in the open, and I feel bad that I’ve basically suggested my departure (though with plenty of time to plan for it), but good that I can talk about it and really be excited.  The review was good, so no worries there.

That said, GREs are out of the way!  I feel like today’s psychology test went better than the general test (no emotional/dating disasters leading up to it, anyway); unfortunately most of the schools I’m planning to apply to don’t require the subject test, just the general.  Still — it won’t hurt if I do well, especially given my relative lack of coursework and experience in the psychology field.  Which schools am I applying to?  I’m sad to say only one in Colorado.  There are also programs in Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Berkeley, and near Portland, Oregon that I’m really interested in…  Eight in all, but the list isn’t final.

Next steps: ask for recommendations (I have a few offers, so that shouldn’t be too difficult), request transcripts, and write some essays.  Then: stuff it all in envelopes in December and January and see who accepts…


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  1. Hannah

    Good luck, Leslie! I’m happy for you.

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