In Which Disaster is Averted and the Pesto is Heavenly

So…  I made pesto on Sunday night.  I mostly did it with my mortar and pestle, but the mortar was a bit small for the recipe, so I switched to a bigger pyrex bowl.  And then to the ever-so-useful Magic Bullet, which I am so very shamelessly in love with.  Last night I smothered it on chicken and baked it for 25 minutes, placing the tomatoes on for the last five minutes of baking:


It’s supposed to have cheese x 2: cheese in the pesto and cheese on top, but believe me: it was plenty delicious without.

So after that I was still hungry, and while I had vegetable/side-dishy options already made in my fridge, the obvious choice was sesame Ezekial bread spread with even more pesto:


Mmmm.  I am totally making this again.  I have almost no interest in any nut butter apart from basil-and-garlic-and-olive-oil-infused pine-nut butters any more.

PS: don’t you love my new blue-and-white ant plate?  It’s from Seattle…


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One response to “In Which Disaster is Averted and the Pesto is Heavenly

  1. Hannah


    The ant plate is great. I really like insects. I mean, mostly as a design element. Not necessarily in the house or whatnot.

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