Inspired by Kavi (who fed me okra this summer after I’d gone several years without eating it), I made this tonight with some okra I got at the City Park Esplanade Fresh Market.  I was hoping for an edible disaster at best, but it was actually really simple: onions and spices in a pan with oil, followed by okra, followed by tomato and lemon (I added lemon zest, too), and a bit of cilantro.  Freaking delicious.  I would even venture to serve this to guests if I ever invited anyone over, and if they were fearless when it came to vegetables.

In other domestic news: I harvested my starting-to-die basil plant today, and am making pesto tonight. (AND I plan to use my mortar and pestle to do it!)  I bought some on-sale potting soil at K-Mart this morning so I could re-pot my shamrock and try to start some new seeds (I know it’s kind of a spring thing to do, but maybe it will work).  The “soil,” unfortunately, resembles sand more than anything remotely fertile, so we’ll see how that goes.  All of this to productively avoid: a.) cleaning my apartment, and b.) studying for my subject GRE (next Saturday — yikes!).

And: I got a tattoo yesterday.  I love it.  More about that soon…  Sorry, mom and dad, but I think you’ll like it, too.


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  1. You did it! Can’t wait to see it. 😉

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