Adventures in Littleton

I know if you’re a “real” bowler this won’t impress you, but I bowled a 141 tonight!


That’s me on the top: four strikes, two spares, and one foul (my first bowling foul!)!  All of this from a girl who usually just shoots to hit something, and gets excited about a three-digit score!  Across the bowling alley was a group of girls wearing semiformal attire — maybe some kind of pre-dance party?  With a motherly-looking chaperon?  God bless the suburbs.

At least their wine was acceptable.  Here is a short guide for ordering wine in a place that doesn’t normally sell it (like bowling alleys and dive bars):

  1. Note that your choices will be limited to two or three varietals (usually Chardonnay and Merlot and/or Cabernet Sauvignon…  Sauvignon Blanc is a remote possibility).  More often than not, these are simply referred to as “red” and “white.”  It’s like dive bar code.
  2. The best places (such as the AMF bowling alley in Littleton and the Hi-Dive) will open a brand-spanking-new one-glass mini bottle for you right when you order.  I know this doesn’t sound like the classiest thing, but at least you know that bottle’s history of “breathing.”  Plus a mini bottle is a decent sized glass.
  3. Usually, though, they’ll just un-re-cork something rank that was opened the last time you came in, back in May or whenever, and serve it to you.  If your wine smells like a dirty dishrag, this is probably the reason.  More discerning customers (i.e. most people) should send this glass back and ask for something else — say, a Bud Light.  I, on the other hand, drink it, and then make sure to ask for the other type of wine for my next glass, unless I saw that they finished the bottle with my first order — the strategy is not a matter of taste or pairing* in these places, but a matter of freshness.  Go for whatever you suspect has been “breathing” for the least amount of time.

*what are you pairing with, anyway — popcorn? French fries? corndogs? soft pretzels? (Answers to pairing quiz: white; red if there’s ketchup, white if mayonnaise or no sauce; red unless you go heavy on the mustard; white)



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4 responses to “Adventures in Littleton

  1. melissa

    I love this guide to dive bar drink/food choices. Seems especially appropriate since I just came from a dive bar where I snacked on DEEP-FRIED MAC & CHEESE. Dipped in BARBECUE SAUCE. What kind of wine would you pair with that?

  2. Noooo! I think deep-fried mac & cheese is the new generation’s jalapeño poppers! Watch out for them; they will be pervasive! This is a tough one to pair, especially given the barbecue sauce twist, but I would go with whatever you can drink the fastest — probably white.

  3. Erica

    You’re a kick ass bowler!! Woohooo!!

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