Why Am I Afraid of MySQL?

It could make my work life so much easier.  I am smart enough to figure it out, but terrified of making mistakes and f*cking up my data.  I have a test server, but it seems like the problems that arise don’t reveal themselves immediately — so you test and test and think things are fine, but lo and behold — not okay at all.  Of course nine times out of ten, things really are fine.

And in other news…  Okay, there’s no other news that I’m going to share here.  Just a lot of things I need to do but haven’t done, such as mail a gift that has been sitting on a shelf, wrapped and ready to go for weeks; call around to see who can print some lovely, LOVELY digital photos a friend gave me recently (more about those soon, too); de-clutter; put air in my bike tire; study for the next GRE (the psychology subject test).


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