It’s Not That the Students Get Younger

It’s that I get older.  They age, too, but most of them leave, and a fresh, young group replaces the “old” 22-year-olds every year.  It’s almost like they haven’t fully formed — their skulls have grown to fit their adult teeth, sure, but there’s an adolescence about them that I’m pretty sure they’re not aware of.  Anyway I was unaware of mine.  Do 28-year-olds have an aura of adolescence to 38-year-olds, or does it diminish?

If you’re going to paint furniture, do you have to remove paint that’s already on it?  Or prepare it in any way other than make sure it’s not dusty?

Art term of the day:  heilige schutzmantel.


I’m sketchy on the translation (it’s kind of like “saint protection coat”), but I’m pretty sure this is where a saint protects people by encasing them with her robe, as shown above.  This is Ursula, who went on a pilgrimage to Rome with 11,000 virgins.  Isn’t she lovely? Here are more.



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6 responses to “It’s Not That the Students Get Younger

  1. no, see — it doesn’t work in reverse. I think at 28 I’m more or less your peer, but maybe you see me (or, well, my age group) with a mixture of wistfulness and wisdom…

  2. Paint thinner or remover works well, but yikes it is strong. I’d get it at Home Depot or the like. You need to use it outside or your lungs will instantly grow cancerous tumors.

  3. well, but over time, right? I think your baby is reluctant to come out because I haven’t sent her the gift I found a few weeks ago… I’ll get on that today.

  4. Hannah

    Cool…I want a protective cloak!

    I agree. It’s weird seeing 20-yr-olds now. I never felt 20. I cried when I turned 20. Funny! I felt OK when I turned 30 but I’m starting to feel strange about being 31 in a few months. It’s very much a matter of perspective. I’ll ask Jeremy how he feels about 26-27-28 year-olds. He’s almost 37. I think he’s more likely to comment on 20-22 year-olds.

    I am not sure what people thought when they saw me at 20. Actually I am. I was sitting in an art class at RMCAD with women who were anywhere from their late 30’s to their early-mid 50’s. They assumed I was their age, and I was about 19-20 at the time. Is that a compliment or an insult? Or both? Similar situation when I transferred to Alamosa High my junior year. They thought I was the substitute. Again…not sure how to take that.

    Sorry for the long comment. I had less than four hours of sleep. That’s what I envy most about being younger…sleeping more.

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