Middle States

Last weekend was so good and action-packed that the thought of writing about it is daunting…  I went on a road trip with a guy I’ve gone on a handful of dates with.  I figured the outcome would be one of these four cases:

CM Capture 3

I can really only speak for myself, but I’m pretty sure we’re in quadrant I (that’s the upper right for those of you who aren’t preparing to take the GRE in a week or so).  So: success.  And really that part of it (the ride) was more important than where we went or what we saw, but I know you’re curious, so here’s a sort of photo album for you…

(click on each picture for a bigger view)

It appears (unsurprisingly) that the best parts were not captured by my camera.  Number one was the company and conversation.  Two was the a-freaking-mazing barbecue at a gas station in Kansas City (Oklahoma Joe’s).  I don’t normally like ribs, but these may have converted me, not to mention the chicken, beans, spicy slaw, and pulled pork.  Three was the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things, and meeting the curator of said collection at a free community barbecue in Lucas, Kansas.  Four: Very nearly eating at a Fox and Hound restaurant in Wichita because everything closes early on Sunday, but then discovering the Kyoto Steakhouse of Japan — still open (we called ahead to make sure), though the restaurant was “in power-save mode,” lights out, etc.  We narrowly escaped eating at a restaurant where our only vegetable options were likely to be fried zucchini (if we were lucky) and had Hibachi deliciousness served by the sweetest “aw, shucks” kind of part-Japanese, all-Kansan chef/kid.  Five: Asking modest Tulsans if they knew where the Center of the Universe was.  Six: The general niceness of people pretty much everywhere we went.

So, there you have it — pictures and a blog post that can’t capture the fun of a whirlwind weekend trip.



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2 responses to “Middle States

  1. What a cool trip. I am totally into the World’s Largest Collection….I must visit!

  2. Hannah

    Heartwarming adventure! Congrats. 😀

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