Just Like Chicken

Word of yesterday: cephalophore.  This is what I’m cataloging at work.  Apparently there is a conference in Rome this month dedicated to headless figures.  And not just any headless figures, but headless figures of the Middle Ages.  Cephalophores are a specific class of headless figure, and you can spot them easily because they carry their own heads.  Like this:

St. Denis, third from left, is carrying his own decapitated head, and therefore is a cephalophore. This is on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  I think those angels are probably saying something along the lines of, “Oh.  Oh, my. Dude, we love you, but I think we have a problem here.”

Why does work have to get so stressful every September?  One of our classrooms still isn’t functioning, and we need it on Tuesday.  Last minute orders.  Staff changes (why can’t grad students stay grad students forever? Why isn’t my funding limitless?).  General amped-up-ness of everyone.  It’s nice in some ways to be busy — we can handle the orders, for example.  But the parts that I’m ultimately responsible for that I can’t control (like the classroom) are kind of annoying.

Wow, that was a fun paragraph!  Want another one?

I had a facial last night, I think it’s my second ever.  It was 90% completely relaxing.  I even got to sit in a sauna, and I do love saunas.  Next time I will ask them to skip “extractions,” though, and I recommend everyone else do the same.

Here’s a worthwhile headless link for you: Headless Heroes – Blues Run the Game. (WordPress: your major downfall is that I can’t embed audio code into a post.)

Here’s another.

Adventures are in store this weekend!



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7 responses to “Just Like Chicken

  1. jfochek

    So I hear… My only Arkansas experience was a week-long stint for work at Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge. Nice people, lots of staring. Have fun!

  2. Word gets around, doesn’t it? The Arkansas part is tentative, but I’m sure I’ll encounter nice people nonetheless… Sorry for shirking my cat-sitting duties, but I’m sure Mia will be just as happy — maybe happier — to have one-on-one time with Christopher.

  3. Cephalophore….is it wrong that I think of Scott M. every time I hear that word?

  4. That is absolutely what I would expect. 🙂

  5. Hannah

    Weird. How can I not remember this for my numerous art history classes? Very strange indeed. And it might make a great Halloween costume!

  6. Lindsey

    Ditto on skipping the extractions.

  7. I’ve had numerous art history classes too, but never from this particular professor, which is why I think I never heard of these before yesterday. And Lindsey — is there a medical reason for skipping extractions, or does it just hurt you, too?

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