Radio Update

I already posted about how Indie 101.5 is off the air (though still available on the internet), and it was replaced by The Pole (stripper music, sponsored by Shotgun Willie’s).  IT GETS BETTER (or worse)!!  It’s actually only The Pole on the weekends.  On weekdays, it’s The Truth — right-wing talk radio.  Super.

Incidentally, it was pointed out to me that “super” used as an adjective is almost always sarcastic, e.g. “My day’s just super,” whereas “super” as an adverb can be sincere, e.g. “I’m super excited!”  These rules don’t apply if the person is older and uses words like super and swell in a non-ironic way.


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  1. Wow. That’s horrible and hilarious. I’m sorry. R.I.P. Indie 101.5…

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