I Wouldn’t Have Guessed…

The author of this book is Lydia Davis:

Lydia Davis, Break It Down

You may have heard the title story on This American Life (#88: Numbers),  in which a man breaks down the cost of a vacation with a woman in terms of, well, return on investment…  Anyway, the stories are good.  You should read it.  That isn’t my point right now.

The point is that I’m sort of intimidated but intrigued by Marcel Proust.  Someday I just might read his seven-volume In Search of Lost Time, AKA Remembrance of Things Past. I just discovered that this very same Lydia Davis translated the first volume, Swann’s Way:

Swanns Way

…which makes me way more likely to at least start it.  After Infinite Jest (which I love, by the way).

Also: found this one at a thrift store the other day:

And speaking of Magritte (cover image), this is my favorite one these days:


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One response to “I Wouldn’t Have Guessed…

  1. Just paid for that TAL episode on itunes. Looks like a great one. I’m a data freak.

    More intimidated than intrigued by Proust. Equally intimidated and intrigued by Joyce.

    Saw my first real-life Magritte in Paris this year pictures to show up at some point.

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