The New New Black

(I already had a post called “The New Black” — it’s obviously something I’m interested in, as long as it has something to do with the old black)

A while back I had a conversation with a pretty famous sociologist (long story, but I had to pick her up at her hotel and drive her to breakfast).  In my humble car on our way to the breakfast she talked and talked, mostly about groups of people in broad generalities, as (generally speaking) a sociologist would.  One thing she brought up was how artists can wear whatever they want, while architects can really only wear black, for the sake of the clients…  I thought (quietly) that she was kind of ridiculous.  I mean, smart in a sociological sort of way.  Okay, brilliant.  But seriously — architects and black as a requirement?  Maybe she should stick to studying refugees…

Anyway, tonight I ran across this hilarious article (via Lined and Unlined’s Recommended Readings), and it basically takes her argument to the next level, saying that artists should appear to wear whatever they want, but that this actually involves much more thought than any of us ever… well, thought.


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