Blog Slowly Being Replaced by Facebook Status Updates

Ugh.  Really?  I gave up Facebook and MySpace a year or so ago, only to wonder about friends in England and a ten-year class reunion and start drinking the virtual Kool-Aid again.  Things you may have missed:

Okay, there’s sort of only one main thing that isn’t completely banal, which is that I broke my toe.  It wasn’t a terribly cute toe to begin with, but now it’s not even good at gripping things like pencils.


This was right after the fact.  It’s the middle one, which is still crooked.  It didn’t hurt yesterday, which was really exciting, but then hurt again today.  Whatever.

Oh, how did it happen?  Okkervil River had begun playing their set at Red Rocks, and my brother and I were running late because I am a gluten-free-beer nurser.  I was in a hurry.  Also in flip-flops (or slip-socks, as my friend’s cute little boy likes to say).  And I rammed my foot into a girl’s boot.  And then walked up and down the stairs at Red Rocks a couple of times.  And went on like a 7-mile hike a week later.  Etc.  I just hope it doesn’t cause problems later.

Okkervil River was really good, of course, and I’m kicking myself for being late (and, it seems, other people’s boots).  Wilco was good, too — can’t say I’m a huge, huge fan of their music in general, but it was fun.  The highlight was towards the end, when they brought Okkervil River back out for “California Stars,” a Woody Guthrie song off of their album with that one British guy whose name escapes me.  See:

Random:  When did people start saying, “I know, right?”  The first time I heard it was in March, when I was hanging out in Toronto at a conference with friends currently living in Connecticut and Chicago.  My sister seems to have picked it up in Philadelphia.  Is it from a show or something?  Does anyone document these things?



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2 responses to “Blog Slowly Being Replaced by Facebook Status Updates

  1. I still prefer blogs. 🙂

    I check your blogroll every day to see if you’ve written. No pressure of course. Just saying it’s still relevant to me. 🙂 My cousin Sofia wrote a similar blog recently after she realized she hadn’t been writing and that Facebook’s ADD/instant gratification thing is addictive (which is is). I guess there’s no reason we can’t do both.

    I’ve always been a little longwinded so writing journals or blogs is probably better for me. Although maybe I shouldn’t be doing either. I dunno.

  2. The first place I heard “I know, right” was in Mean Girls (2004). Maybe it took some time in regular TBS rotation to get legs.

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