Charles, Ray, and Louis C. in Every Corner

…If only I were talking about my home and not my mail…

I hope I bought enough Eames stamps last year to tide me over until the USPS comes out with a reasonably nice design again (and yes, I know the two 1-cent stamps on every envelope are sort of ridiculous, but at least they’re Tiffany… I do it in the name of modern design!).

Vacation starts today!  I planned to sleep in, but birds woke me up at 4:30 (after neighbors, drunk and on a patio, kept me up until 2 or so).  I think they (the birds) are conspiring against me.  You would not believe how much damage (temporary) they did to my car while I was at work yesterday.  Hose it down or hope for rain….?



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3 responses to “Charles, Ray, and Louis C. in Every Corner

  1. Hope for rain, otherwise they have won.

    The other day my father showed me that a bird had pooped directly onto the keyhole at the front door of his office. I have no idea how this was accomplished (I envision some hovering and a lot of bird Exlax), but it sent a clear message.

  2. jfochek

    Unless you want to stare at the damage all the way to Del Norte, I say hose it down. 🙂 So good to see you last night!

  3. The rain came just out of Denver, and persisted through most of the drive, washing away the bird ickiness. I think birds are far more clever than we think — keyholes!?!?! What’s next?

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