Best Weekend of June, Maybe Summer

1.) Westword Music Festival (or whatever it’s called)
2.) Art Students League of Denver art sale (one block away!!!).  I thought I’d be able to afford something this year, but now I’m not sure…
3.) Plethora of garage sales (I kind of want a bike!  I just don’t want to lug it up and down three flights of stairs!)
4.) Denver Public Library Book Sale (which, perhaps most importantly, includes $1 cds)
5.) Gluten Free fair (I missed it)
6.) Hot dog eating contest (also missed it)

Weather is still nice, too — barely hitting 80, with thunderstorms periodically.  I love it.

One book is leading me to the next — ordered in Seeing is Forgetting the Thing One Sees, Lawrence Weschler’s biography of / interviews with Robert Irwin — very, very good.  Weschler says that in writing it, he was influenced by Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer, which was book #51.  Liked that one quite a lot, too, and see the relationship between the two books.  Not sure what will be #52…  Might try The Brothers Karamazov again, since I have a full sixteen days…


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  1. Lindsey

    Glad your weekend was great! Noah looked at me like I was from Jupiter when I told him that I preferred cloudy weather to sunshine. Here’s to 2 weeks of clouds!

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