When I’m Blocked I Make Lists

  • Decided never to wax my eyebrows again.  From here on out: only threading.
  • Listening to Bill Callahan and St. Vincent.  Night and day.  Both fantastic.
  • My week in concerts: Neko Case Saturday, where I received tickets to St. Vincent on Tuesday and A Camp on Saturday.  St. Vincent conflicted with the lovely Leonard Cohen, so I tried to give those tickets away.  Couldn’t.  Leonard rained out, rescheduled for Thursday.  Went to St. Vincent Tuesday. Leonard Cohen Thursday.  A Camp (with opener Elin Palmer) Saturday.
  • I think everyone who goes to see Leonard Cohen has a respect for sadder, darker feelings.  One should not attend if one does not wish to revisit some heartbreak, right?
  • Ex-boyfriend avoidance is in full swing.
  • Leonard Cohen is 75 years old and skips off the stage.
  • The woman in front of us (us = me and my Craigslist concert buddy) asked us how long we’d been fans.  “Since college,” we answered.  “Me, too.  He wasn’t famous yet when I went to college in Montreal, and we’d just walk down the street and see him play.  My 50th college reunion is this summer.”  Her first Red Rocks concert was in 1964.  The Beatles.  She wins.
  • She is also my neighbor, and lives in my favorite apartment building, and asked who cuts my hair and is going to pay Liz a visit.
  • It’s been almost a year since I donated my hair.  I don’t miss it.


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2 responses to “When I’m Blocked I Make Lists

  1. Maura

    I just discovered threading a few months ago and love it. For some reason it doesn’t make me feel as guilty.

  2. Man, I must admit that you got to go to all of those shows! Eric’s head is going to explode when he reads this.

    I am scared of waxing and threading equally. I pluck.

    My Mom is donating her hair on Friday and I fear she will cry a little. Maybe I should have her read your post.

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