I think I lost some steam this spring…  There are unwritten e-mails and letters and blog posts, unfinished books, unreturned phone calls, social gatherings not attended, etc., etc., etc.  I’ve been away so long that WordPress has changed, and I had my 30,000th(!) visit and didn’t even know it for a while.  It just sort of happens sometimes.  I might be coming out of it.  What helps: leaves on trees, sunrise pre-6:00, sunset post-8:00, sleeping with the windows open, among other things.

I’m a little stuck on the 52 Books project!  I was ahead for so long, and then didn’t finish much for a few weeks (for no good reason! It’s not like I was doing much else!), and now I actually have to finish seven books in the next seven weeks!  I’m a couple hundred pages into: The Brothers Karamazov and The Name of the Rose, but can’t seem to power through either.  At all.  And with the weather so nice, everyone is being a little more social (myself included)…  I think I’ll get there, but it won’t be the graceful, “I read 54 books” finish I was hoping for.  Which is fine, of course.

Just woke up at three, wide awake, thinking about an awkward interaction at work earlier this week (there are so many awkward things going on there lately… in most cases I’m not the awkward one, thankfully).  And now it’s 4, and the birds are singing outside (how do they know to wake up so early?).  A tiny part of me wants to just go into work and start early, work 5:00-1:30 instead of 7:30-4.  But I should probably (almost certainly) try to go back to sleep.


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  1. I have been waking up really early too, wide awake. Hope all is well!

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