Fiendish Dreams

Notes on a Cleanse:

Getting off of caffeine was really hard this time.  I’ve been drinking at least one cup of it every morning for several months, and I definitely felt the withdrawals.  Wednesday night I ate a small piece of dark chocolate (not cleanse-approved), and it totally helped until Friday morning, when the headache returned.  Then Friday night I had a dream that I went to a coffee shop, bought a drink, and then somehow found myself at a different coffee shop ordering another drink.  Realizing I already had one in my hand, I was a little embarrassed, but rather than cancel the order, I hid the first drink.  It wasn’t until I was double-fisting the coffee drinks that it occurred to me I wasn’t supposed to be drinking coffee at all…  Woke up Saturday sans headache, at last.

Messes were made.  I knew there was some warning about hot things in a blender, but I couldn’t remember what it was…  don’t put the lid on completely, maybe?  No.  Christopher advised me to only fill the blender 1/3 of the way, but even then there was a pretty big mess.  But not as big as when I forgot how messy the juicer can be today.  All clean now (well, the juicer and blender and surrounding areas and surfaces onto which vegetables exploded).

On the note of food, I really liked this article Mark Bittman wrote on eating good food for the NY Times Magazine last month.  He’s all about wholesome food, whether it’s organic or conventional, local or imported, and I think he has a great point.


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  1. jfochek

    The deal with hot things in a blender is that you should take the plastic piece out of the center of the lid and cover it with a clean dish towel while you blend. It allows some of the steam to escape (or something) and prevents that nasty mess. I do this all the time with soup recipes that require blending.

    Congrats on your caffeine break!

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