Meaningful Food

Once upon a time, some 5+ years ago, I thought I knew I was going to fall in love with someone (I did fall in love, and it was good, but it didn’t last).  One morning in the winter, we made eggs for breakfast, and one had a double yolk.  It seemed meaningful; maybe it was.  Anyway, I ran across this today.  I think I’m *just* superstitious enough that something like this would have changed my life…  How could you end a relationship if it started out with a carton of double-yolked eggs?  I know there is no logic to it, but it still seems meaningful.

double yolks

One Dozen Trader Joe’s Eggs, Each with a Double Yolk | Serious Eats.

Just a little warning for a few of you: I’m starting on a cleanse tomorrow!  It is difficult, but also feels like a couple of weeks of being really, really good to my body; developing really, really good habits…  Days 1-3: no caffeine, alcohol, gluten, dairy, refined sugar.  Days 4-10: gradually decrease animal products, soy products, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.  Days 11-14: fruit and vegetable juices and broth only (Kavi, I will be making most excellent use of that juicer, and can’t wait!!).  Days 15-?: build back up, bit by bit: fruits and vegetables, then grains, then…?



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8 responses to “Meaningful Food

  1. Lindsey

    Did you actually purchase the carton of eggs yourself? Or did you just find the picture. Because if you actually purchased the carton of eggs, you should immediately buy a lottery ticket :-).

  2. Wow…

    That is incredible. Good luck with your fast, too. I need to do that sometime soon.

  3. On a confused note…isn’t that picture of two dozen eggs?

  4. Depends on your definition of “egg,” I suppose — I think we’re dealing with twelve eggs here, each cut in half (24 half-eggs), and a total of 24 yolks (two in each egg). But I’m no eggspert.

  5. KK

    Yikes – those double eggs scare me :). And yay for the juicer! Let me know and we can have another juice party

  6. Good luck with your cleanse. My cousin just finished one and she is feeling amazing.

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