Rachel Getting Married


I almost never see movies in the theater…  I have no good excuse.  I live two blocks away from one of the best theaters in town, it’s just sort of expensive, and it’s kind of off my radar.  Once you stop seeing movies for a while, and stop watching television in general, and skipping over reviews in newspapers, you really have no idea what’s even out, and that trend perpetuates.  You become a non-movie watcher.

On international flights, however, when movies (and drinks) are free, I watch movies.  On the way to England I mostly tried to sleep, but managed to watch the last half of Vicki Cristina Barcelona before dinner and the first half just before landing…  It was fine.  I have an itty bitty crush on Javier Bardem.  Okay, it’s kind of big.  But anyway.  The point is that on the way back I suffered through Burn After Reading and then discovered the jewel that is Rachel Getting Married.  It is not the ideal plane film, as you will cry.  You will sob real tears, they will stream down your face in the company of fellow fliers, and yet they will be watching Burn After Reading, and trying to find humor, and won’t share your experience at all.  It’s a weird experience of empathy — feeling such empathy for such beautifully crafted, complex, honest characters, and yet sitting next to someone who is not sharing your experience at all.  All of this because of the beautiful convenience of lots of different movie channels on one flight.  Sigh.

Not quite as good as the movie itself is the Rachel Getting Married soundtrack.  I knew I would buy it as I was watching the movie — funky, loving instrumentals, a Neil Young cover, a single by Angela McCluskey, and some songs that make you want to get down (you know, from the movie’s wedding reception, which went into the wee hours and made me think “I could totally dance…”).  I recommend both, but if you’re only taking half of my recommendation, see the movie. (Thanks to goodbye, blue monday, who temporarily cured my cinamnesia by reminding me of this one, which I meant to blog about right away, but forgot….)



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5 responses to “Rachel Getting Married

  1. jfochek

    I also failed to find the humor in Burn After Reading. I’ve been meaning to see Rachel Getting Married, though, and I’ll make it a priority now thanks to your fantastic review.

    I do love movies on international flights, though… My Sydney to LA gem was The Visitor with Richard Jenkins. You must see it! Funny Games with Naomi Watts just freaked me out.

  2. Nice…wish I had remembered this movie when I was pondering going out to see a movie this weekend. Hrmm oh…is it still in theaters? I guess I can check.

  3. I have meant to watch this, but as of yet I have not been able to drag myself to the theater (across the street). I guess it will have to go on my netflix queue.

  4. Barrett

    Um, yeah. BIG crush on Javier. I will arm-wrestle you for him when he comes to Denver to hit on us both downtown and lure us to his cabin in Fraser. Can’t wait to see Rachel Getting Married.

  5. There’s no shame in having a crush on Javier Bardem. The man is just phenomenal.

    I did really enjoy watching Frances McDormand in Burn After Reading and Brad Pitt was kind of adorable as a dimwit. On the other hand, I totally forget that I’ve even seen the movie until someone brings it up.

    Rachel Getting Married, I’m adding to my netflix queue. Especially after your positive review 🙂

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