Weeks 5, 6 & 7: In Which the Budget Is Blown and for No Good Reason

Stress does funny things to us.  It makes me much more likely to spend money with little regard.  This bug thing is hopefully almost over (I think I’m going to spend the night in my apartment tonight, for the first time since February 2!), and the 150 Project has not been going so well.  Lots of money on: disaster stuff (extra laundry, drycleaning of everything I own, garbage bags), dining out (although I’ve had access to my generous friends’ kitchens, I have not been utilizing them very much), alcohol (interesting to see that, oh yes, I do drink more under certain circumstances (I did discover a great gluten-free beer, though!)), and entertainment (because we all need a little levity once in a while.  And in week 6 we needed a lot of levity).  So here are charts for weeks 5, 6, and 7:

week_5_-_323_49week_6_-_316_26week_7_-_223_55This week will be better…  However, instead of $150, I’m going to shoot for spending $100 or less between today and Thursday, not counting some bedbug-proof mattresses I’m on my way out to get now, and additional garbage bags — should be easy.  Thursday afternoon I leave for ENGLAND, at which point I will be living off of a short-term savings account and not keeping such minute records (and having fun, etc.).


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