First Night Home

Things that are helping me feel sane:

  1. My new mattress cover.  I had some issues with a mattress retailer yesterday when I asked about one of these zippered mattress covers and he said “What you need is a new mattress.”  I said, “Why would I get a new mattress right now if the bugs are more likely in my walls and floors and furniture? Wouldn’t they just move to the new mattress?” And he said, “Who’s been telling you that?”  The answer is, essentially, everyone.  Should this ever happen to you, skip the mattress stores and just go to Kohl’s (where there was even a sale on mattress pads today!).  I think I’m going to write them a letter and send them some documentation on the pests…
  2. Bed feet in jars of water.  Bed bugs can’t swim.
  3. Some clothes hanging in a plastic suit bag.  A clear plastic suit bag — so they are sealed AND hanging AND visible.  Ahh, the luxury after almost three weeks in garbage bags. (why didn’t I do this sooner?)
  4. Other clothes in a new clear rubbermaid container.  Clear!  Visible! Folded! Lovely!

Sad news:  I think they may have migrated downstairs.  I noticed that the neighbors have their apartment in crazy disarray (not that I was looking in, exactly, but I do have a touch of crytoscopophilia (that was the winning word in the contest Powell’s had for the OED set — it means the urge to look in people’s windows as you walk by).  Anyway, I wish them well.



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2 responses to “First Night Home

  1. Hopefully your nightmare with bed bugs will soon pass. I still shudder when I think about our ordeal.

  2. mattress salesmen are worse than used car salesmen.

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