The Bug Chronicles

So these bedbugs are really throwing me off track…  and for what?  A few bites — nothing worse than I’ve had at times from mosquitoes (supposed mosquitoes — now I doubt it!).  There’s just a paranoia involved…  If you have mosquito bites, you don’t (at least in my experience) fear them in your sleep.  Bedbugs are a different story.  Anyway, I haven’t had any bites for about three weeks…  I’ve only stayed there two nights, though, so we’ll see how it goes when I move back in.  I have a game plan…  zippered covers on the boxspring and mattress (both sprayed down with rubbing alcohol first — bedbugs do not like rubbing alcohol, allegedly!).  Then an elaborate trap involving old sheets and flypaper… I have a few older sets that I was going to get rid of anyway, so I’m going to put those on, and wrap the bed with stickiness so that anything that tries to get to me will…  Well, will not.  Also: feet of my bed will be placed in steel cans…  I thought of filling said cans with water, but I don’t know for certain that bedbugs can’t swim (or learn to swim), so I think I will resort to flypaper on those, too…  Nothing that is not ME will be allowed on the bed, not even ME in clothing that has not been excruciatingly inspected!!

A teeny tiny part of me wishes I were a better person, that I would just wait for them to come to me and gently gather them up and take them outside to set them free.  With a lot of other bugs, I might take this stance.  Bedbugs, however, want to feed off of ME, and then propagate, and they’re really not welcome to do either.

Anyway.  I will blog at some point in the near future about stress and its effect on my budget (the 150 Project is not going so well these days).  Also about risotto.  And some things I’ve been reading (namely Susan Sontag = amazing).


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