=== Things I’m Tired Of ===

  1. Bedbugs. Obviously.
  2. Paranoid itching.  You know — the psychological itching that comes whenever someone mentions “lice” … when you think (with near certainty) that something is crawling on you, even though it’s just your own sensitive skin.
  3. Sensitive skin.
  4. Being away from home.  Though my alternative “home” for now is quite comfy, nothing is ever as “home” as home.
  5. Conversations that are actually battles, in which at least one person is a blaring television with his or her incessant talking, and I can’t get a word in if I want to. After not very long I give up, just take it in, relatively responseless, which is uncomfortable in its own way.
  6. Social awkwardness.  Social anxiety.
  7. Being CCed on e-mail that I don’t care about.  Also: e-mail listservs (they make the problem significantly worse!!).  Also: the spelling of “listserv.” Who ever thought of that?  Why do we accept it still, if we’re not talking about the brand-name software?  Related: Starbucks renaming small, medium, large. Because they could, and saying “venti” is more exotic than saying “grande” is more exotic than saying “tall.” Or so I suspect.
  8. Most e-mail that is not personal in nature.
  9. Waking up too early (5 is too early), followed by an epically long day, followed by sleepiness at 10 or so, followed by extreme awakeness again at 12, 1, 2.

=== Things I’m Not Tired Of ===

  1. Moments when I look at the people around me and they are all so uniquely, astonishingly beautiful I get emotional.
  2. The physical feeling of empathy — either skin chills or a knot deep in my abdomen — a sensation that’s becoming a bigger deal as I get older, I think.
  3. Good, give-and-take conversations, in which each person understands another better.
  4. Friends.
  5. The light in my apartment.
  6. Lengthening days.
  7.’s daily mp3 deals.  Today it’s Lily Allen.  I have a deep, semi-secret love for the music of Lily Allen.
  8. Music, in general.  Wow, I love it.
  9. Books, reading them.  Just finished #37 for the year — only 15 to go, and still 20 weeks to go.  Cake.  Time to break out some longer ones, I think.  (Brothers Karamazov, for example)


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3 responses to “Inventory

  1. Hey! I just realized I haven’t left an actual comment on your blog for some time. I love this post. You’re a list maker just like me! Oh, and I love the light in your apt. also.

  2. SDW

    Re: the Starbucks thing.

    “Venti” is evidently Italian-speak for “20,” and the “Venti” drink is 20 ounces.

    Grande just makes no damn sense, and “Tall” is the shortest of the three.

    Stupid fucking Starbucks.

  3. Yes, I am sick of being copied on emails that I don’t care about. Emails like”Ten Ways to Talk to Your Cat.” Why?????????????????????????????????

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