10,000 Pages

That’s 1% of one million, by the way.

My 10,000th page was read today, in one of the best books I’ve read so far this year, Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me by Javier Marías.  Experimental but not distractingly so, suspenseful but sophisticated.  It’s a meditation on death and life, but “life” in this sort of raw, human, carnal sense, and specifically the most private parts of our lives, the parts only we can know for ourselves, that die with us, unrecorded, unremembered.  The attention to language was phenomenal.  I read most of it with a dictionary by my side (which isn’t meant to deter anyone — I’m just really trying to look up words I don’t know precisely, and I encountered many).  I’m not sure if that’s Marías’s voice, or the translator’s (Margaret Jull Costa) embellishment — either way it was a rare linguistic jewel.  I’m looking forward to the “book talk” at the MCA on Thursday.

Lots of babies lately — one born Thursday (Elle), one born Friday (Kassidy), met a third for the first time today (Scarlett)…  At a baby store to get a shower gift for a friend who’ll have twins soon, I ran into a former coworker who is very pregnant and stroller shopping, and then in the boutique next door a current coworker and his little one (Henry).  All adorable, already making their mommies and daddies proud.  Nice to be home alone at night, though, feeding only myself (and only then if no one else fed me earlier, which actually happens with delightful frequency).  I feel I should point out that my jade is doing quite well — succulent as ever, growing so fast.

The 150 Project:  Spent $111.24 this week (not counting the London ticket and a couple of associated travel reservations, which are coming out of a savings account).  Most of my dining out was coffee — I did not have one single meal out (though I did have some fries one afternoon).  I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m not sure I’ve ever done that — not had a single meal out for seven days.  The home stuff included trash bags (they’re kind of pricey!) and my new digital antenna converter thing (the leftover amount after the $40 coupon — I highly recommend getting one if you have bunny ears — there are SO MANY PBS STATIONS — you really have no idea).  Roast chicken is cheap.  It’s also a bit greasy, and I don’t know that I will make it again, or at least not with the Jamie Oliver recipe I used (which involved a whole stick of butter).  Nonetheless, the leftovers weren’t too bad, especially when I turned them into new things.  I am becoming a devoted eater of leftovers.  I take them quite seriously.  The freezer is a wonderful appliance.



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  1. Kavi

    Where do you get a $40 coupon from?… I better get on top of this tv thing before the whole world goes blank on my tv set 🙂

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